Bass drum Bag for the Ultimaker transportation

How to transport Ultimaker to events and happenings all over the world? You can find the answer from the music shop. Bass drum gigbag  is a great way to move Ultimaker from place to place. Gigbag is also soft, so it protects Ultimaker from small hits  and temperature changes. Bass drum gigbag is also big enough for a bass drum so Ultimaker fits easily. It has also few pockets  so you can also carry your tools which you need in printing process (pliers, tape etc.). 

Bag is also very easy to carry, so you can transport the Ultimaker with you in train or in bus. Also, the bag fits easily to car’s rear seat. And least but not last – soft gigbags are fairly cheap – just under 40 eur at your nearest music shop ! So now you can easily take your Ultimaker where ever you go 🙂






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