Status update

Much has changed since I last posted here.

First of all, we now have total of 5 printers in our workshop; 1 Makerbot Cupcake CNC, 1 Mendel Prusa, 2 Ultimaker Originals and miniFactory (made in Finland!).

We use Ultimakers and miniFactory most, mostly daily. Prusa and Makerbot are not in working condition right now but 3 printers are more than enough for us to fill our prototyping needs.

As miniFactory has heated bed, we have been able to print with ABS once again! Print and desight quality is nice and we love that machine is actuall made of steel! With custom electronics running on Marlin firmware it’s fairly easy to use and robust.

Here is an image of the printer:

miniFactory 3D printer

In fact, we love the machine so much that we are now selling them through our company, PalonenLABS Oy. Price is moderate, 1499 eur (including 24% VAT) – which I consider quite reasonable for a high-quality machine with heated bed.

Second important thing is that we have been making translation of Cura printer software to Finnish. We are also making an Z-calibration wizard for it. We are doing close co-operation with miniFactory Ltd on this one and are hoping that soon we can have a special version of Cura, tailored specifically for miniFactory printers. Of course it will work also with other printers but for example Z-wizard will make life of miniFactory owners so much easier – no more sending G- and M-codes and calculating calibration values. What the wizard does is basically using normal G-codes and special Marlin firmware M-codes to calculate correct height of printing bed.

Here is a screenshot of that new dialog in English:
Näyttökuva 2014-2-1 kello 18.34.46

And in Finnish:

It’s working and source-code can be downloaded from our Github-fork: It could be useful for others with Marlin-firmware printers also.

That’s all for now – except I’ll try start a new tradition – sharing picture of recent print at the end of every post.

Here’s first one – a print that we see every morning in daily driver – our electric car dashboard display;


Printed with pink PLA (color choise is good as a conversation starter). Display is IP65 rated CAN-display with our custom made software in it. It basically shows some important items read from our custom-made battery management system.

Well, that’s truly all for now, take care and remember to 3D print something at least once a day 🙂


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