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Status update

Much has changed since I last posted here. First of all, we now have total of 5 printers in our workshop; 1 Makerbot Cupcake CNC, 1 Mendel Prusa, 2 Ultimaker Originals and miniFactory (made in Finland!). We use Ultimakers and … Continue reading

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Candle castings with 3D printed molds

I can safely say that my son is a Super Mario fan. He plays it, reads manuals, learns english for reading more about it from Wikipedia and generally knows a lot about the game and Nintendo as a company. We … Continue reading

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Bass drum Bag for the Ultimaker transportation

Bass drum bag for Ultimaker transportation

How to transport Ultimaker to events and happenings all over the world?

You can find the answer from the music shop. Bass drum gig bag for is a great way to move Ultimaker from place to place. It’s soft, so it shelters Ultimaker from attacks and temperature changes. It’s big enough. It has pockets, where you can place tools, needed in printing process. 
It’s easy to carry, so you can take the Ultimaker with you in the train or buss. Also, the bag goes easily to the car. Ultimaker is a small equipment, now it’s also easy to take it wiht you.

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3D scanners and Electric Vehicles

I’m sometimes using Microsoft Kinect to 3D modeling various Electric Vehicles. I made an short video demonstrating how the process works; Kinect makes pretty good 3D scans and for some applications the resolution will do just fine. For more accurate … Continue reading

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It’s fun to build EV-prototypes with 3D printer in the workshop!

Recently I have been struggling to get my Electric Motorcycle conversion (eCagiva) conversion ready for the summer rides. I haven’t had the time to install new batteries 😦 So that’s the main issue right now. And course all the supporting … Continue reading

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Building Mendel Prusa together with my son

Slowly we are building our next 3D printer, the Mendel Prusa. With my 4 years old son Väinö we had today a great time building our printer. We also took apart some stepper motors to see how they work. Somewhere … Continue reading

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Revolution in progress

These are my notes on my journey to the wonderful world of the DIY 3D printing. First baby steps were taken in 2008 when I discovered the the Reprap DIY 3D printer for the first time. After reading and discussing … Continue reading

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